My religion is quilts. 
I believe that textiles sewn in quilts

have made it to heaven.

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An exclusive opportunity for tourist groups (10-25) to witness art in the making.


Marja Matiisen, a well-known Estonian textile artist, offers you an insight to the world of quilting and patchwork in her open studio.


You can book:

  • A “show-and-tell” presentation - how did I create my quilts. The story behind them.
  • A tour in the open studio/workshop - how do ideas turn to accomplishments
  • A crash-course in creative composition - try your skills, making an artistic greeting card from textiles, guided by a professional artist (max 15 persons)
  • Coffee, tea and homemade cakes.


You can also buy various quilted products:

  • Quilted blankets
  • Pillows and pillow-cases
  • Chair and furniture covers
  • Table cloths
  • Wall textiles
  • Pot holders
  • Artistic greeting cards
  • Photo album covers
  • Bags
  • Quilted clothing
  • Etc

Marja Matiisen, ph: +372 5015651

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