My religion is quilts. 
I believe that textiles sewn in quilts

have made it to heaven.

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I am an Estonian quilting artist and quilting teacher.



  • Multiple prizes in Estonian quilting competitions

  • United Nations quilts – Estonian branch winner



  • Estonian delegation around the globe – quilts for the yacht “Lennuk”

  • Quilt carpet “Flowers for the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia”

  • Prizes for the international competition “Young Musician” (2006-2009)

  • Main prizes for the annual Estonian Handicraft Fair (1996-2008)




2009 - Retrospective exhibition in Viimsi Day Center

2008 - Book exhibition Tallinn Folk University

2006 - Retrospective exhibition in Põltsamaa

2006 - Retrospective exhibition in Tartu “Woman 2006” fair

2005 - Interior textiles exhibition in interior design center “12 tooli”

2005 - “Quiltway/Quilt’s way”” – exhibition in Tallinn Folk Art Gallery

2002 - Exhibition in Tallinn University of Culture

2002 - “Autumn exhibition” Husqvarna Studio in Tallinn

2000 - “Secret Playground” exhibition in Finland, Pielavesi

1997 - “All In Quilts” exhibition in Sweden, Sundswall

1997 - “All In Quilts” exhibition in National Library Main Gallery

1996 - Exhibition in Maarjamäe Castle

1994 - Exhibition in Finland, Turku “Nordic Women Forum”

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