My religion is quilts. 
I believe that textiles sewn in quilts

have made it to heaven.

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  • For weddings, housewarmings, wetting the babys head.
  • For birthdays and jubilees.
  • Sitting watching television on a cold night. 
  • For protection and decoration to sofas and chairs
  • Car.  Beach.  Picnic.
  • Countryhouse.
  • Livelyness and cosyness to childrensroom with rightcoloured quilt textiles.

I make quilts for sale.  I have in stock many daycovers in different sizes and colours:

Standardmeasures (+-10cm):


Children quilts


250cm x 250cm

130cm x 190cm

80cm x 100cm

200cm x 240cm

100cm x 200cm

80cm x 80cm

160cm x 215cm

100cm x 130cm

60cm x 80cm

In addition there are chair covers (50cm x 150cm), pillowcases, albumcovers and ovengloves, tablecloths.  Also greetingcards for special occasions for special people. 

The prices are cheaper than in a handcraft shop as they are straight from the maker.

I use different leftovers from textile industry to make the blankets.  Between two layers there is allergyfree spacy polyester cotton batting.  That keeps the blanket in shape.

When ordering, I recommend people to take some kind of personal item or piece of clothing along.  That gives the blanket the "very own" feeling.

Call and find out. 

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